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Sep 7th Performance Web Hosting, VPN Servers and Cloud Storage

High Performance Hosting, VPN Servers and Cloud Storage  We have introduced wordpress hosting along with VPN Servers and Cloud Storage at unbeatable pricing for our current and new customers. After a busy August we realized that our customer domains had passed 100,000! So thank you to everyone for your patronage and helping GlobalResolution ... Read More »

Jul 29th New servers and more bandwidth

A big hello to all our customers! For the month of July we have seen the domains managed by us reach a heady: 85,276!What a month and what an awesome number of happy people entrusting us with their domains :)Will we be able to break the 100,000 domain barrier by the end of August? Will our team have any nails left by then? Whatever happens and ... Read More »

Jun 29th A big jump this month!

June has brought with it a huge jump in domains to GlobalResolve with a total for this month of: 58,416....We are blown away by the number of domains added by new and existing customers this month and can only put it down to word of mouth which means that we must be doing something right :)A few of you domain hoarders (You know who you are :) have ... Read More »