A Happy and Healthy New Year

The GlobalResolution team would like to wish our existing and new customers a Happy, healthy and prosperous 2017!We have been working hard over the Christmas period on improving our environment even further and have managed to squeeze even more performance out of both GlobalDNS and the Wordpress Performance hosting services.Our present customers ... Read More »

3dateTime.rd dateTime.jan 2017
Performance Web Hosting, VPN Servers and Cloud Storage

High Performance Hosting, VPN Servers and Cloud Storage  We have introduced wordpress hosting along with VPN Servers and Cloud Storage at unbeatable pricing for our current and new customers. After a busy August we realized that our customer domains had passed 100,000! So thank you to everyone for your patronage and helping GlobalResolution ... Read More »

7dateTime.th Sep 2016
New servers and more bandwidth

A big hello to all our customers! For the month of July we have seen the domains managed by us reach a heady: 85,276!What a month and what an awesome number of happy people entrusting us with their domains :)Will we be able to break the 100,000 domain barrier by the end of August? Will our team have any nails left by then? Whatever happens and ... Read More »

29dateTime.th dateTime.jul 2016
A big jump this month!

June has brought with it a huge jump in domains to GlobalResolve with a total for this month of: 58,416....We are blown away by the number of domains added by new and existing customers this month and can only put it down to word of mouth which means that we must be doing something right :)A few of you domain hoarders (You know who you are :) have ... Read More »

29dateTime.th dateTime.jun 2016
The first month of Spring

This month May have come and gone (pun intended), spring however has brought with it lots of new customers and our domain total now officially stands at: 24,723 domains!Also as announced last month, we are happy to report that we have added servers in India and Australia so our customers visitors are taken care of efficiently in that region.We ... Read More »

27dateTime.th dateTime.may 2016
Spring is around the corner!

6,235 Domains where added to GlobalResolution this month bringing total domains for April to: 14,131 customer domains! As we approach the beginning of spring we can happily report that April was the month that allowed us to push through 10,000 customer domains on the network :)There was a networking issue on our UK server which was swiftly ... Read More »

26dateTime.th dateTime.apr 2016
4,428 Domains Added for March

It's the end of March and we are now handling an extra 4,428 domains.

We have hit our first quarter and are now taking care of 7,896 customer domains while providing the fastest GeoDNS service on Earth!

No servers issue's this month and the network is operating at 100% uptime.

Again, we would like to say a big thank you to our customers :)

28dateTime.th dateTime.mar 2016
3,468 Domains and counting!

Febuary has seen 2,233 new customers entrusting their DNS to us :)

One of our US East servers developed a hardware fault and went offline. This of course had 0% impact on the network as everything was automatically redirected without issue and no loss of any DNS queries.

Thank you to all our customers for their continued support and trust.

24dateTime.th dateTime.feb 2016
We Have Hit 1,235 Domains!

We have reached the ripe old age of one month! When GlobalResolve started a month ago we did not expect such a positive response to our service :)Our first month has been amazing and we must say a big thank you to all our new customers who have entrusted their DNS resolution to us and hope that you will continue to do so.We would like to say a big ... Read More »

31dateTime.st dateTime.jan 2016