A big hello to all our customers!

For the month of July we have seen the domains managed by us reach a heady: 85,276!
What a month and what an awesome number of happy people entrusting us with their domains :)

Will we be able to break the 100,000 domain barrier by the end of August? Will our team have any nails left by then? Whatever happens and however many domains you guys entrust to us, we will still appreciate your custom and will be making sure that no DNS queries are left behind!

As an extra thank you, we are pleased to report that we have added a couple of new servers in California for visitors in the Golden State along with more bandwidth :)

A few customers asked us this month to add some new knowledgebase articles covering several DNS topics which should be of help so we will of course be doing that. If you come across content that you feel would be of interest to other customers do let us know.

A big thank you and roll on August!

Friday, July 29, 2016

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