High Performance Hosting, VPN Servers and Cloud Storage 
We have introduced wordpress hosting along with VPN Servers and Cloud Storage at unbeatable pricing for our current and new customers. 

After a busy August we realized that our customer domains had passed 100,000! So thank you to everyone for your patronage and helping GlobalResolution reach this milestone.

After much consideration and a bit of pressure from quite a few customers, we decided to put together several special services for people who are fed up with other companies grabbing their hard earned money in return for sub standard services.

High Performance Wordpress Hosting
We looked at all the hosting environments available then threw them out the window! None provided a true modular approach in creating an environment that would perform to our Geek standards.

We tested WHM/CPanel Plesk and Direct Admin, but they are all Apache based which is notorious for bad performance. This however is not Apache's fault (Although it is quite an old web server) as web hosting companies use it as is with no performance tuning whatsoever resulting in really bad website performance for their customers.

So the head Geek went into his cave and meditated for a while.....after several days he suddenly runs out shouting Eureka! We will use VESTA!

Vesta truly is a thing of beauty, it is clean and easy to use for those that are fed up of bloated control panels. More importantly, the underlying environment that Vesta can control is completely modular which allows us to run the exact companents we want to run in order to provide amazing performance for our customers.

We have prepared some great info on what we have implemented: Read More

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