What is GlobalDNS

GlobalDNS is our network of domain name servers spread across the globe ready to answer dns queries at lightning speeds!
GlobalDNS Map

Why use it

Let's say you registered your domain with godaddy or another registrar. Once you register your domain, 99% of the time it is stored at a single location. With our GlobalDNS service however, your domain and it's records are replicated to our global network of domain name servers in real time.

What are the advantages

Your visitors arrive at your site from every corner of the globe so why keep them waiting?

1. Visitors looking for your domain are automatically directed to one of our servers closest to them which then responds with your domain records at lightning speed.

2. Due to the speed of our globally placed servers, your visitors get a really fast reply which in turn benefits your sitespeed score on services like Google's pagespeed, pingdom tools etc.

3. Your domain is replicated to all our GlobalDNS servers and as such, we can guarantee 100% dns availability and the fastest dns response time on Earth!

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Managing Your DNS Records

1. Log into your GlobalResolution Account