Why we do not provide email

emailEmail can be the bain of a Geek's life....

We thought long and hard about the email issue and the impact that it can have on a WebOps environment like the one we have built.

After much considering and chin scratching we came to the conclusion that if we where going to focus on High Performance Hosting then email services would have to be cut from the equation.

This decision was made on the premise that there is plenty of data showing that the majority of server issue's can be attributed to email problems, be they spam, dns recursion attacks, blacklisted ip's and the list goes on.

The fact that we will not be proving email servers is a non issue and is actually beneficial to our customers. There is method in our madness and it simply means that our customers will use an external smtp email system and in turn connect their sites/apps to that system.

So how is this of benefit? Well for starters the external email service will be focused on delivering a reliable platform with all the protections built in. One of the biggest advantages is email diliverability to Gmail accounts for example due to the good standing of said email service.

There are many other benefits which we will not list, suffice to say that using an external email service will make your life and ours much easier.

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