How do I sign up?

Adding your domain to our globaldns service is very straight forward for new customers:

Signup Steps

1. On the Home page click "Order Services" 

2. Click Order Now - Less is more :)

3. Enter Your Domain  - Add your domain and it's extension such as com/net/uk or your local one

4. Configure - Choose monthly or save 20% and go for annual service with the drop down

5. Review & Checkout - make sure your domain is correct, if it is then hit Checkout

6. Checkout - Name, Email and Password are required, the rest are optional

7. Hit the "Complete Order" button and your done

Updating domain nameservers 

1. Log into your GlobalResolution account and go to "my services" to confirm your domain has been added and have a look around

2. Visit your domain registrar for example godaddy, copy your dns zone records and change your domains nameservers to: and

3. Add the zone records from your registrar to your globalresolution domain account

Good job! The nameservers that handle your domain will change to ours over the course of a day and your domain records will gradually start being served by GlobalResolution nameservers across the world at LIGHTNING SPEED!

Existing customers can simply login to their account and either use the top services menu or the "order new services" shortcut to the left when on the dashboard home page.

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