We Provide Nginx At Lightning Speed

Speed Like You Have Never Experienced

1. Distributed Node infrastructure
2. Easy to use site management interface
3. Experienced Nginx Support

Whether your php framework is Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or any other... our platform will absolutely blow you away with it's performance that cannot be matched by any other platform

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Highly Available Nginx Nodes

We replicate your files and Database across many physical servers in real time, making sure that not a single bit of data is ever lost if any of the nodes go offline.

We expect hardware to break which is why we have a distributed system in place

James Pearson - Apphouse

Joe and his team are absoutely amazing, the move over has improved our site response time by 5 seconds!, highly recommended.
James Pearson - Apphouse

Ryan Anderson - rsoft

We were having issue's with our cpanel servers constantly causing problems for customers so decided to give globalresoltution a shot, we have not looked back since.
Ryan Anderson - rsoft

Traffic Load Balancing

In front of our Nginx servers we have several load balancers with an identical public ip address whose job it is to automatically distribute incoming traffic to each web server, thereby spreading the traffic load evenly across the web servers and increasing performance

Should a load balancer fail, traffic continues to flow through the remaining Load Balancers without missing a beat

Tom Chambers - A123

We were experiencing sever loading delays at our previous host, suffice to say they are now a thing of the past
Tom Chambers - A123

Stuart Russel - trellicweb

Thank you Globalresolution! Astounding site performance which is a breath of fresh air considering the issue's with my previous host.
Stuart Russel - trellicweb

DDOS Protection

A ddos attack on your site can be a real nightmare to deal with should you become a victim of such an event

This is why we insisted that our upstream provider implement the very best Hardware based anti DDOS network protection backed up by 100's of gigabits in network throughput capacity


We focus our efforts on Nginx webops, providing performance, stability and ease of management
Let us handle the Nginx environment so you can become more productive, save time and focus on what really matters - your customers

Your site's MySql data is stored on our ultra reliable DBAAS service which automatically replicates your DB across several global datacenters enbaling us to provide you with 100% uptime

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100% Uptime

100% Uptime

100% Uptime guaranteed distributed, scaled and replicated edge node infrastructure

Free SSL Encryption


LetsEncrypt certificates and HTTP/2 SSL freely available as standard for all our customers

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